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Our seasoned glass artisans combined with the latest glass fabrication machinery allows us to provide you with a one-of-a-kind, custom made, SGCC certified-totally frameless shower door enclosure, wine room or partition wall that fits your opening perfectly, guaranteed.

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The Frameless Difference™

Here at The Original Frameless Shower Doors®, we believe in the Frameless® Difference. What does that mean for frameless shower enclosures? It’s simple: We are focused on providing a truly frameless glass shower door enclosure that conforms perfectly to your unique opening. That means no bulky frames or unsightly u-channels are used in our designs. Just see for yourself how the Frameless® Difference can transform your bathroom.

The Finest Shower Door Available. Designed, Manufactured, Shipped or Installed by The Best Technicians Anywhere®

The Original Frameless Shower Doors® is the leader in shower door and shower enclosures. Since we revolutionized the bathroom landscape nearly three decades ago, no other manufacturer or company has championed more innovation and introduced more forward thinking into the frameless glass shower door industry than we have.

From our unique design options to our world-class installation and DIY support team, we are at the absolute cutting edge in every single aspect of our industry — and we plan on keeping it that way.

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Custom-Made. Made Easy™

Custom Shower Doors & Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures

We are the nation’s largest and oldest established frameless shower door company. The Original Frameless Shower Doors® offers unsurpassed value when renovating your bathroom.

We offer you direct-from-the-manufacturer pricing as well as the quickest turnaround time in the industry and the largest selection of products and finishes available anywhere! Let The Original Frameless Shower Doors® experts help you design and install your custom frameless shower door enclosure the way you want it today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there is a DIY shower enclosure system you can buy. Frameless Shower Doors is the leader in providing quality parts that enable you to build your very own custom shower enclosure. Our product line includes everything from basic components like door pivots and clips to full glass panels and tray systems.

Frameless Shower Doors has years of combined industry experience that goes into every order we fill, guaranteeing satisfaction with both the product itself and the overall installation process. All parts are specifically designed for easy installation so anyone can quickly assemble a gorgeous bathroom piece without fear of messing up or having it break while in use.

So don’t wait any longer for that perfect bathroom upgrade — check out Frameless Shower Doors today for superior-quality solutions at highly competitive prices on all of your DIY shower enclosures needs!

The biggest difference between frameless and framed shower doors lies in their aesthetics. Frameless shower doors offer a more contemporary, minimalist look with uninterrupted views of the interior of the shower area, while framed shower doors typically feature visible metal frames along the edges that provide additional structural support.

When it comes to installation, it’s usually best to hire a local professional to ensure that your desired outcome is achieved properly and safely. Framed and frameless showers require different installation techniques; therefore, hiring an experienced installer is essential for achieving optimal results that meet local safety standards.

Framed showers come preassembled in several sections, which makes them much easier to install than their frameless counterparts, which are made up of many individual pieces that need to be carefully measured and cut before they can be put together on-site. The added complexity makes most DIY (do-it-yourself) installations not recommended due to the high risk and consequences of incorrect measurements and potentially unsafe installations. So, make sure you get help from a qualified installer if you plan on trying this yourself!

In terms of pricing, both types of doors can range anywhere from $700 to $4,000+. However, since ordering or purchasing preassembled units makes assembly easier for installers, framed showers tend to be cheaper than frameless options when considering installation costs as well — making them ideal for budget-conscious shoppers looking for an attractive but sensible solution at an affordable price point.

Frameless Shower Doors ColliervilleNeo-angle shower doors, also known as pivot shower doors or corner showers, are a popular alternative to traditional sliding door enclosures that fit perfectly in the corner of your bathroom. Neo-angle shower doors feature two panels of glass that meet at an angle in the center and swing open to access the interior. These sleek styles provide maximum interior space for bathing and take up less room than an alcove enclosure.

The design of neo-angle shower doors allows for a more advanced air exchange system when compared to other types of doors, which keeps your bathroom from becoming stuffy during long showers and prevents any unnecessary moisture buildup. Additionally, the doors can be installed with either left or right facing hinges so you can customize your look based on how you want it oriented in your bathroom.

As far as safety is concerned, most neo-angle shower doors are made with tempered glass, which is highly resistant to shattering upon impact something standard sliding door models do not offer. The heavy-duty frames offer superior stability too, which makes them some of the sturdiest choices available on today’s market for both style and function!

When it comes to choosing the best type of shower enclosure, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The best option for you will depend on a variety of factors, including the layout and size of your bathroom, how much privacy you want in the shower area, and how much money you’re willing to spend. That said, if you’re looking for an enclosure that will add the most value to your home in the long term, frameless glass shower enclosures are an excellent choice.

Frameless glass shower enclosures offer numerous advantages compared to other types of shower enclosures such as framed ones or those with vinyl curtains. For example:

  1. Durability – Frameless showers are more durable than framed showers because they don't have metal frames that can corrode over time due to moisture in bathrooms. They also require less maintenance since they don’t have any moving parts prone to wear and tear like traditional door hinges or sliding mechanisms do.
  2. Open Space – Frameless showers create an open space within your bathroom, which makes your bathroom look bigger and feel less cramped than if there was a bulky frame around the perimeter blocking off part of your space. This is great for small bathrooms where every inch counts!
  3. Aesthetic Appeal – Ultimately, what makes frameless glass shower enclosures so appealing is their modern aesthetic appeal and timelessness - something vinyl curtains or framed models cannot compete with! Not only do they look sleek and stylish but they also help make a statement about your personal style without you having to decorate too heavily in order to achieve this result.

Overall, frameless glass shower enclosures add luxury value while adding durability at the same time - making them well worth considering when selecting a new housing unit for your bath area.

Here is a list of some of our shower enclosure installation locations to help you find the best shower installers for your home.

Our Installation Locations

According to Angi, the cost to install shower enclosures depends on the size, materials, and design chosen.

Generally speaking, a basic alcove shower with fiberglass insert walls will range in price from $1,000 to $1,700, while something more elaborate. like an all-glass walk-in with multiple glass walls, can range anywhere between $2,400 and $5,000. Of course, these prices can fluctuate significantly depending on what is included and any additional labor or complexity involved in the installation.

Frameless Shower Doors offers an unlimited choice of shower enclosures because we offer everything from DIY shower kits to fully custom-built showers to any specification you can imagine.

Call us today for a free design consultation!

When it comes to selecting a shower glass cleaner, there are certain features you should look for in order to get the best results.

First and foremost, you should look for a product that is designed specifically for use on glass surfaces. This will ensure that the product does not include any harsh chemicals or abrasives that could damage the surface of your shower.

You should also make sure the cleaner contains non toxic ingredients, to protect yourself and your family from harmful exposure during cleaning. Additionally, some products contain anti-streaking agents so your shower glass remains spotless even after multiple rinses with water.

When selecting a shower glass cleaner, see if it includes specialized formulas such as those formulated by leading manufacturers of interior window cleaners, like Sparkling Image® Plus Shower Glass Cleaner, which utilizes natural citrus oils plus advanced surfactants to break down stubborn soap scum and hard water deposits quickly without leaving behind residue or streaking. Such specialized formulas are great at sanitizing surfaces while providing excellent streak-free results every time!

Lastly, try to find a product that has been tested and recommended by independent organizations like the Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) Seal of Approval. This way, you can be sure you’re purchasing an effective product as well as one that is safe for indoor air quality purposes in addition to being friendly to the environment.

Finding the best shower glass company near you can be a daunting task. However, there are several steps you can take to ensure that you find the best shower glass company for your needs!

First and foremost, it’s important to research companies in your area. Look at customer reviews online or ask friends and family who have previously used a particular company. Take into account their experience with the company regarding quality of product, installation services, price range and customer service when making your decision.

Secondly, make sure to view samples of the work they have done before you select them — this will give you an indication of whether they meet your standards for quality and craftsmanship. Additionally, most reputable companies will demonstrate the kind of materials they use, for example tempered glass, which is ideal for higher safety ratings on any projects involving showers or bathtubs.

Finally, inquire about warranties before signing any contracts with a glass retailer — this ensures that if something goes wrong with their installation or product down the line, liability remains with them instead of with your. Some companies also offer financing options so don’t forget to inquire about those as well if finances are an issue! Overall, doing thorough research on different providers in the area and taking these extra steps before finalizing a purchase from any given shower glass company should help you successfully find the perfect one for all your bathroom renovation needs!

The best type of glass for shower doors or enclosures is high-quality tempered glass.

Tempered glass is made by heating flat glass to approximately 700°C and then rapidly cooling it with jets of cold air. This process creates safety glass that is four times stronger than regular annealed or float glass, making it resistant to breakage and impacts from objects such as furniture.

In the event that tempered glass does break, its special properties ensure that broken pieces will be almost harmless, since they form dull cubes instead of sharp shards like ordinary annealed or float glasses do. In summary, if you’re looking for a durable and safe option when choosing a type of shower enclosure material, high-quality tempered glass is definitely the way to go!

Yes, we manufacture and install barndoor shower doors.

Barn Door Shower Doors from Frameless Shower DoorsBarndoor shower doors are incredibly popular for modern bathrooms because of their standout style. Aside from their distinct aesthetic, there are significant practical benefits to this type of shower door that shouldn't be overlooked.

One big advantage is the way they save space. Unlike traditional swing-in or swing-out doors, barndoor shower doors slide along a track inset into the top and bottom frames of the door opening, moving horizontally without taking up any extra space in the bathroom. This feature makes it much easier to fit a larger shower into smaller bathrooms with limited space and also eliminates bumping into an open door when stepping out of your tub or shower enclosure.

Another great benefit of barndoor shower doors is their ease of use - you don’t need to worry about opening or closing it since all you need to do is slide it back and forth on its track as needed. Additionally, many models offer both single- and double-panel design options, which gives you even more flexibility depending on where the door are being installed in relation to your existing plumbing fixtures and wall spaces. Plus, due to the lack of handles or knobs - which can sometimes collect dirt and grime over time - these doors tend be very low maintenance compared with other types available on the market today, making them ideal for busy households who don't have much time for cleaning duties!

Cleaning your shower glass regularly is an important part of keeping it looking great and preventing the buildup of dirt, grime and other debris. Professional cleaners recommend cleaning your shower glass at least once a month to ensure it stays in good condition.

Start by wiping down the outside of the glass with a squeegee or microfiber cloth. This will help remove the surface dirt, dust, fingerprints and smudges that can accumulate over time. Then, mix warm water with some mild dish soap or PH-neutral cleaner and scrub the inside and outside surfaces of your shower glass thoroughly with a soft-bristled brush or non-abrasive sponge. Finish off by using clean water to rinse off any residue from the cleaning solutions before drying the glass with another squeegee or microfiber cloth. Doing this will keep your shower looking spotless!

A shower enclosure is a professionally installed system of materials that encloses and seals off one or more sides of a shower. It typically includes the shower tray, glass side panels, door frames, and hardware such as hinges, handles and locks. A professional installation ensures proper sealing to prevent water from escaping beyond the bathtub or shower area. Depending on your configuration preferences, different types of enclosures are available - corner units, traditional single-hinged doors with frames or frameless sliding doors. Furthermore, many companies also offer customized options so you can tailor the enclosure to your design needs while ensuring reliable performance.

Replacing your shower door may not be the most pressing household chore, but it is an important one. Professional shower door replacement should occur when the door has begun to show signs of wear from regular use, such as corrosion and discoloration due to standing water or cleaning products. The seal between the glass panels and frame can also become worn out over time, creating a gap that leaves your bathroom vulnerable to moisture damage.

Additionally, any chips or cracks in the glass could cause serious injury if you were to cut yourself while using it. If you’re unsure about whether or not your current shower door requires a replacement, consult with a professional who specializes in this type of work - they will be able to assess its condition and make an informed decision on what needs repairing or replacing. Lastly, keep in mind that new technology and designs are continually being released for showers. Take advantage of these advances by upgrading your shower doors so you have peace of mind knowing your family is safe from any potential hazards!

Frameless shower doors have become increasingly popular amongst homeowners due to their sleek design and low-maintenance upkeep. Not only are these doors visually appealing, but they also come with a number of practical benefits that make them worth considering for any bathroom renovation or new build.

One key benefit of frameless shower doors is their ability to enhance the overall appearance of a bathroom. Since there’s no visible frame around the door, it has a much cleaner aesthetic when compared to framed models. Plus, it allows light to enter more easily into the room, creating an open feeling and giving your space a larger look without compromising on privacy.

Another major benefit is that frameless shower doors are simpler to clean than framed models. Without frames around them, you can quickly wipe down both sides at once without having to get in between two pieces of glass like you would with traditional styles. This makes keeping your frameless shower door sparkling less time-consuming and easier than ever before!

Additionally, since there's no need for additional hardware or framing materials for installation purposes with this type of door, it’s easy for professional installers and DIY enthusiasts alike! That means less hassle during installation so you can focus on making sure everything looks perfect after the fact - exactly what you want in any bathroom remodel situation!

Yes, The Original Frameless Shower Doors provides custom shower installation services.

We employ experienced and knowledgeable professionals to ensure that your shower is installed with the utmost precision and care. Our experts are familiar with all the latest designs and trends, allowing us to provide you with a high-end look and feel that fits your space perfectly.

Not only do we offer customized solutions for residential spaces, but we also work on commercial projects as well: our team of experts can install showers in any size or style of bathroom throughout the US. All our installations are backed by a full warranty, so you can rest assured that you’re making an investment in quality craftsmanship when hiring us for your project.

Here are some of our top-rated installers:

Professional NASCAR Driver & Seven-Time Consecutive Trans-Am Champion Ernie Francis Jr.

Check Out Our Original Frameless Shower Doors® Race Car

Ernie Francis Jr. is the youngest Trans-Am Series champion in history! With his seven consecutive championships, we couldn’t be prouder to be the title sponsor. Just like The Original Frameless Shower Doors®, Ernie always gives it his all and constantly strives to do better.