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Seated Shower Enclosures Dallas

Handicap Shower Enclosure Dallas

seated shower enclosures

Seated Shower Enclosures Dallas

Seated shower enclosures make the most of your bathroom space and bring useful features like additional storage and greater safety. They also beautify the room.

They come in one-piece or multi-piece styles. One-piece styles have less risk of leaks, but may need a professional installer to seal seams.

Frameless sliding glass doors

Frameless sliding glass doors are a stylish way to add modern elegance to your bathroom. They also function as room dividers, keeping heat in and noise out.

They offer an array of designs that can be custom crafted to suit your needs, including glass thickness options and hardware finishes. They are also more affordable than framed shower to door systems.

Depending on your bathroom size, you can use a bypass or frameless sliding shower door to create a more spacious seated area in your shower. These are also useful for people with disabilities or elderly individuals who might have trouble handling a hinged door.

Bypass doors are more budget-friendly and a great option for those with smaller bathroom sizes or budgets. Despite this, they can be difficult to install, so be sure to work with a professional to ensure you get the right setup.

Low-threshold shower bases

Low-threshold shower bases are a perfect option for seated shower enclosures. They offer a more spacious feel than curbed shower bases and can be installed in any bathroom design.

They also make it easier to clean the shower. The floor is not closed in like a curbed shower base, making it easy to remove dirt and soap scum.

A low-threshold base also allows water to drain easily and prevents it from leaking into the room. Instead, it’s directed toward the traditional drain by gravity.

Depending on your design, a low-threshold shower base can be made of solid surface, cultured granite, expanded polystyrene, mortar beds or acrylic.

KOHLER LuxStone low-threshold shower bases are available in different shapes, sizes and drain orientations to pair with any bath system. They are customizable and can be ordered online with a guided order configuration process.

Seated Shower Enclosures
Seated Shower Enclosures

Kits and surrounds

Shower stall kits and surrounds are often used in seated shower enclosures to add style without the expense of installing tile. They’re also incredibly easy to keep clean with minimal grout lines.

Designed for direct-to-studs installations, tub/shower surround kits use top, bottom and side flanges that screw or nail to the wall studs, avoiding the need for drywall as a backer. This type of installation is best for new construction or major remodeling projects, where studs are already exposed.

Adhesive-type kits, on the other hand, are meant for retrofit applications to existing wall surfaces using construction adhesives. The kits come in one, two or three pieces and are fast to install.

Corner shower stalls are another popular choice for seated shower enclosures, since they offer more space and are easier to maneuver. They are typically available in square or rectangular shapes, depending on the size of your bathroom. Many include a curved door or a door within a glass wall for added visual appeal and a greater sense of privacy.

Additional features

There are many ways to enhance your shower experience. Using a quality shower seat can be the deciding factor between a dreary shower and a soothing spa-like atmosphere. This is especially true if you live in a cold climate where it’s chilly at all hours of the day and night. Fortunately, there are many different options to choose from so finding the perfect one for you and your family is not a chore.

The best way to find the right one for your needs is to browse through the various styles and designs on offer. This will allow you to compare features and get the most for your money. There are several types of seated shower enclosures to choose from including frameless and non-frameless. Some even boast a variety of amenities such as rain shower heads, hand held shower head options and built in soap dishes. While they may not be the cheapest to purchase, a well designed shower can make the whole experience much more enjoyable and comfortable for the entire family.

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