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Shower Enclosure for Sale Dallas

Shower Enclosure for Sale

Choosing a Shower Enclosure for Sale Dallas

Choosing the right shower enclosure for sale will have an impact on your bathroom’s appearance and function. Whether you’re building or renovating, it’s important to select a product that matches your style, budget and lifestyle.

When selecting a shower enclosure, consider size, style and glass options. Frameless enclosures are a popular choice because they add to your bathroom’s visual appeal and can increase its resale value.


Choosing the right size of shower enclosure for sale is vital to ensure you have adequate space and are happy with the finished product. It’s also important to take into account your personal requirements and style preferences.

The smallest standard shower size is 32 inches wide by 32 inches deep (the International Residential Code allows for showers as small as 30 inches by 30 inches). Measurements go up incrementally from there, usually to about 36 inches by 60 inches.

A frameless shower enclosure looks super sleek and can make a small bathroom appear bigger by allowing more light to enter the room. This style also makes cleaning easier, as there are fewer places for soap and grime to collect.

Alternatively, you could opt for a walk-in shower. These are ideal for replacing a bath that’s rarely used, and can offer the convenience of a spacious shower experience. They’re available in a range of sizes and styles to suit any bathroom.


Often associated with contemporary bathrooms, shower enclosures can be just as versatile and stylish in more traditionally styled rooms. This means that you can incorporate the latest features into your bathroom without sacrificing the timeless look of your room.

Generally, shower stalls and surrounds come in one, two or three pieces, with very few grout lines that are easy to clean. They’re a cost-effective way to update your bathroom quickly.

Depending on the design of your bathroom, you’ll need to decide whether you want a hinged door or a pivot or sliding one. If space is limited, choose a small enclosure like a bi-fold or quadrant shower unit, which can save you valuable floorspace.

Glass Corner Shower Enclosure Dallas
Glass Corner Shower Enclosure Dallas


Frameless showers are popular for a variety of reasons. They add a modern flair to your bathroom, give it a spa-like feel and make your bath more functional and spacious.

In addition, a frameless shower can be made from a number of different types of glass. The most common is tempered, which is safer than annealed (regular) glass.

Another option is low iron or super clear. These are much cleaner and more transparent than regular, clear glass.

These options are also more expensive but they will dramatically enhance the look of your bathroom. Over 95% of our customers choose these types of glass for their enclosures.

You can also opt for a textured glass, such as fluted glass, which has vertical grooves. This is often paired with brushed metal frames for an on-trend look.


Shower enclosures restrict water within the bathroom or en-suite, making it safer to use. They’re often made from toughened glass, with anti-lime scale coatings to help keep the bathroom looking clean.

There are many different styles of hardware that can be used in a shower enclosure for sale. Depending on the theme of your bathroom decor, these components can be chosen to complement the design or create a unique look.

A popular trend in the modern shower industry is a slim frame with brushed metal or matt black finish. It’s a great way to add some style and definition to your shower room while not sacrificing any view into the shower itself.

Another common type of door is the sliding one. These doors typically use attached hardware to roll along a support bar or inside a header bar, making them easy to open and close. Some of these also have a bypass door that allows you to turn on and adjust the water temperature before entering the shower.

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