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Another satisfied InstallationEASY™ glass shower door customer

We enjoy hearing from our customers about their shower door renovations and the successful outcome we here at The Original Frameless Shower Doors can provide:
Here are some pictures of the shower. As you can see it is quite impressive. The shower is absolutely stunning and we had a party recently and all of our friends were impressed. I thank you both for your assistance and patience. Lea, you have been absolutely outstanding through this whole process from the very beginning and I am especially grateful to you. Rest assured I will certainly recommend your company to anyone interested in glass shower enclosures.

Phil & Betty
Peoria, IL

We pride ourselves on offering the only DIY shower door system, InstallationEASY, in the country. There are many benefits to a do it yourself shower door enclosure that most people may or may not be aware of. For example, there is no need to spend money on a contractor, glass installer, or estimator to do what most of our customers can easily do themselves. There are many well educated technicians available to help walk you through the measuring, design and installation process. We have an online glass shower door builder that allows people to create their shower door design and hardware choices even before ordering. Best part is you see the price along with the option of adding the water & stain resistant coating.

The price for a glass shower door can be up to 50% or more retail when working with the manufacturer and guess what, THAT’S US! Being one of the only companies in existence that owns its own glass manufacturing facility to ensure the quality product we sell is the quality product you get! Most competitors in our business don’t want us promoting do it yourself glass shower doors since they will lose your business once realizing how simple it is. So if you want to discuss how we can make your bathroom shower million dollar beautiful, without the million dollar price, build your shower door now build your shower door now!