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Shower Enclosure With Base

Shower Enclosure With Base

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom, a shower enclosure with base is a great way to add style and function. They’re quick and easy to install and come in a variety of styles, so you can find one that works with your existing bathroom decor.

Framed showers are elegant but heavy, while semi-frameless options use clear glass with only framing on some sides. They’re more affordable and create minimal sightlines, making them ideal for many modern bathrooms.

Walk-in showers

Walk-in showers are an excellent choice for bathrooms where seniors or people with limited mobility want to make the most of their space. They offer easy access, a comfortable space to shower, and can be customized to suit the user’s needs.

They’re also easier to clean and are more spacious than traditional showers. They are popular in new construction.

A good walk-in shower will have a sloped floor that runs towards the drain to prevent water from leaking out into the rest of the bathroom.

In addition, they tend to be less expensive than other types of showers and can be a great way to add a custom look to your home.

Walk-in showers come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, so they’re perfect for any bathroom design. These designs also don’t require as much waterproofing as other showers, so they can be installed in small spaces.

Shower enclosures

A shower enclosure is an excellent way to create a stylish and practical showering solution in your bathroom. They take up less space than a bath and are much faster to use, making them the ideal choice for today’s modern bathrooms.

They can also help bring a lot of light into your bathroom, which helps to make it appear larger. They are also easy to clean, compared to the standard bath and shower combo, which is another advantage.

Jaquar has a wide range of shower enclosures to suit every bathroom size and decor. With toughened safety glass and high-quality hinges, they ensure a safe and comfortable shower experience.

There are a number of different types of shower enclosures to choose from, including quadrant and corner designs. Quadrant enclosures are a popular option for en-suites and small bathrooms because they maximize space by having a curved front door entry. There are also offset quadrant enclosures available that have a longer curve, which is perfect for larger bathrooms.

Shower trays

There are lots of different shower trays on the market, available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes. Selecting the right shower tray is crucial to achieving a perfect bathroom space.

Square trays are often the most popular option as they don’t take up much room but give you plenty of showering space. They can be fitted in a corner, an alcove, or against one wall and are a great choice for smaller bathrooms and en-suites.

Rectangle trays are also popular and provide more space than a square tray. They’re a good choice if you want to install a shower enclosure in a corner as they can be paired with sliding doors, reducing the amount of floor space required for swinging out an enclosure door.

Quadrant and offset quadrant trays are also excellent options for corners. They can be paired with both hinged and sliding shower doors, allowing you to save even more valuable bathroom space.

Shower doors

Shower doors add visual interest to the shower enclosure with the base and can also help create a sense of spaciousness. They come in a variety of styles and can be made from various types of glass.

Clear glass is a popular choice for a simple, timeless look that matches any decor. It can be tinted to reduce the greenish tinge that natural glass tends to have, or frosted.

A frosted glass door looks opaque and will hide fingerprints, spots, and streaks more effectively than clear glass. However, it can be more difficult to clean.

Ultra-clear, acid-etched, or patterned glass can offer a more unique appearance to the shower door and can be used when a homeowner wants more privacy.

Tempered glass, or laminated glass, can be a safety feature if the homeowner has special concerns about breaking glass. It’s formed by adhering two sheets of glass together to form a panel that remains intact even if one sheet breaks.

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